Undersiege Paintball
Play paintball at Undersiege Paintball based in Durham near Newcastle

Paintball Manufacturers

  • JT USA - JTUSA Paintball protective gear, markers, accessories and apparel.
  • Scott USA - Paintball protective gear.
  • Viewloader - Paintball products, including Hoppers, barrel plugs etc.
  • Zap Paintball - Zap has paint, products and tournament series.
  • Tippmann Pneumatics - Paintball Guns.
  • Redz Comfort Gear - Paintballing gear.
  • Goggle Skinz - Stickers etc for paintball.
  • DYE Precision - Well respected manufacturer of barrels, jersies, apparel and other equipment for paintball.
  • Check It Products - Manufacturer of barrels and other accessories including trigger frames.
  • WGP - Paintball Gun and accessories manufactory.
  • Indian Creek Designs - At Indian Creek Design we build markers with one thing in mind, YOU. There are no cast or stamped parts, only CNC precision machined components.
  • Spyder - Paintball Markers and accessories manufactory.
  • Armotech - Leader in paintball guns and paintball supplies.
  • Scepter Combat Systems - Suppliers of paintball sniper rifle's, uzi's, shotguns and launchers.
Underseige Paintball, Castlewood Farm, Helme Park, Tow Law, Co Durham, DL13 4NN, England
Tel: 01388 731777
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