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With our themed game zones, top quality equipment, outstanding game play and friendly marshals over the years, Undersiege Paintball has provided quality fun and games for tens of thousands of customers across Durham & Tyne & Wear.

Undersiege Paintball near Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and Darlington is widely regarded as one of the best paintball sites in the North East of England. During twelve years of running adrenaline-fuelled paintball games, we have provided top quality entertainment to a wide range of customers from birthdays, stag and hen parties, families and friends, clubs, societies, school outings & companies for entertaining staff or clients. So regardless of your level of player or group size we will always be able to accommodate you. We're open for paintballing all year round and our aim is to provide customers with first class action packed adventure and entertainment.

Undersiege Paintball is very proud that hundreds of customers return back to us year in year out. It assures us that people recognise our commitment to quality and genuinely enjoy the fun friendly atmosphere and top class game scenarios. Past clients at Undersiege Paintball include: Newcastle Utd, Sunderland AFC, Hartlepool United FC, Airwaves Ducati, Marks & Spencers, B.T., Orange, Vodafone, British Gas, McDonalds, Nissan, Glaxo, Jennings, Ford & H.P. the list goes on.

Bookings should ideally consist of ten or more players, however smaller groups can join with other groups on the day (please contact us for availability.)

Paintball Equipment issued as standard

  • Paintball Gun for Paintballing near Darlington, Sedgefield, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough

    Inferno Semi Automatic Paintball Gun

    The Inferno is a rapid, high-quality semi-auto that allows first time players to paintball with a gun that gives serious accuracy.

    Armoured Glove for Paintballing near Darlington, Sedgefield, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough

    Armoured Gloves

    As a sharp-shooting paintballer that trigger-finger is your most valuable asset. Fortunately it'll be well protected in these lovely gloves with hard plastic armour

  • Paintball Mask for Paintballing near Darlington, Sedgefield, Stockton, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough

    Full Face and Head Protection

    Our paintball masks are designed so they can be worn over most glasses and have a solid faceplate that wraps around your head with full ear protection. They are light-weight scratch-resistant and anti-fog treated.

    Rhino Battlepack

    A neat little solution to how to run with lots of spare paintballs secured about your person. Our battle packs allow you to carry up to 400 rounds of paintballs without damaging or loosing your paint balls. Just strap the ammo belt around your waist and put in you extra paintballs. Makes re loading during the games easy.

  • Body Armour for Paintball in Darlington, Paintball in Sedgefield, Paintball in Stockton or Paintball in Yarm today

    Camouflage Overall

    While paintballing it's never a good idea to stand out from the crowd, or indeed the nearest tree. Not only will these overalls help you hide away in our woodland paintball arenas, they'll also keep you fairly clean when the paintballs and, well, the mud start flying.

    Body Armour for Paintball in Darlington, Paintball in Sedgefield, Paintball in Stockton or Paintball in Yarm today

    Body Armour

    Worn over camouflage, not only does this body armour make you look instantly ripped, it also protects you from the onslaught of paintballs. Fewer bruises - always good.